via Daily Prompt: Simple

When it comes to stories, I can’t say that simple is always better. I enjoy reading more when I’m reading something intriguingly complicated, with plenty of plot and preferably tons of character development. I enjoy reading complex tales with twist after twist, so I can never see what’s coming next.

However, when it comes to genres like romance, for me, simple is best. See, generally, I’m not a fan of romance in general- I prefer conspiracies to love triangles and dragons to love interests.

That’s why, when I read romances, I like reading about established couples. People who’ve been together for a while, and yet that spark between them is still there. When a couple can’t easily be torn apart by a newcomer, or they stick together through any adventure, then I know that it’s definitely a good romance that I would enjoy.

There’s one major reason why I dislike love triangles in general- I don’t like seeing wishy-washy protagonists lead on two (or more) love interests because they can’t decide who they like more, even though it’s pretty clear who the protagonist is going to choose. I really dislike it when characters put choosing a boyfriend/girlfriend over something actually important, like saving the world.

I’m sure anyone reading this can think of at least one book/series where that happens and it was so annoying. I’m always searching for books without love triangles- any suggestions?

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