I can’t believe it’s already January 31st. It feel like the New Year was just yesterday.

A lot of things have happened. This year, I’m actually trying to stick to my resolutions, and so far, it’s been working pretty well. I’m trying to make newer, better habits, that’ll improve my life in the long run.

As for books, I just want to read in every moment I can. I don’t have much time to just sit down and read anymore, so every minute I can, I will.

Books have always been my escape from a reality I don’t want to face, but I’m finding that more and more often, they’re reflecting reality. I can’t tell if this is bringing more attention to important issues in today’s society, or less simply because people don’t want to face them outside of fiction.

What do you think? Is having the same issues in real life and in fiction good or bad to you?

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