Troublesome Thursday!


Today, it’s “Things I seriously dislike about YA heroines”:

1. Their love triangles

Look, even I can appreciate a good romance, but when a love triangle enters, I just know everything’s going to go downhill fast. 99% of the time, the book devolves into a protagonist trying to choose between Love Interests #1 and 2, while also ignoring everyone else’s feelings and any other issues outside of her love life. Every time, I have to fight the urge to scream at the book, “Idiot! You have other things to worry about than romance!”

2. Their interactions with the “bad boy” love interest

This usually goes something like:

Girl: *falls over or something*

BBLI: *catches her with a sarcastic comment about how she’s so clumsy*

Girl: *blushes, tries to say something witty and fails cause she’s thinking about kissing him*

BBLI: *”sexy” smirk*


3. The amount of “special snowflake” that oozes out of them

Picture this: there’s a girl, the protagonist of a YA novel. She thinks she’s the plainest person on the planet, with nothing special about her- brown hair and eyes, average height, shy and weirdly clumsy, average in school and sports or whatever- and yet somehow, she’s still got, like, 10 guys “in lurve” with her. Oh, and she’s got a special power. Oh, and she has to save the world…or something.

know you just pictured someone. It’s so annoying! Where are the heroines with confidence, with an ego that they acknowledge? Where are the heroines who are good at something (maybe other than toying with guys), and they know it? Where are the heroines who have all of this and a personality beyond being cold to everyone and not having any friends?

There’s too few of those out there, when there should be more.

So many YA heroines annoy me, it’s a little ridiculous. Hopefully, someday that’ll change.

(So, who were you picturing?)

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