Manhwa Review: Flow, Heo Ni-Bi

Flow: StreamFlow: Stream by Heo Ni-Bi

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Summary: In this world, every child is born under a god. Every child can have their god grant them a wish. For the children that haven’t made wishes, the gods will disguise themselves as animals and follow the children around. Once in a while comes a human that hasn’t made their wish yet. Of all the gods, the cat god is the most boring. It can’t grant useful wishes and is frankly annoying. Leerang, who hasn’t made a wish yet, has to deal with his cat god as he goes about his everyday life as a delivery boy.

!!!Major spoilers!!!

Review for the entire series:

I read this over the course of two days and it promptly became one of my favorite manhwa, right up there with Tower of God. There’s just so much that I love about it.

The premise is is that in this world, each human is the “child” of a god, an animal spirit. These gods, ranging from animals like pigeons and sparrows to the animals of the zodiac. Each person, when they reach a certain age, is approached by their god, and they are allowed a wish that is within their god’s power to grant. Society is by no means equal- only the children of powerful gods are encouraged to go on to even high school, and the children of weak gods are oppressed and bullied by those of strong gods. All in all, it’s a great place to live if your god is something like a dragon, or a snake, but terrible if it’s a cat or something.

The protagonist, Irang (or Leerang, depending on which translation you read), is the child of a cat god, or so he thinks. When a tragedy happens to him and he finally makes a wish, everything goes wrong and through the series, his goal is to fix what went wrong, and save his friends. Along the way, he meets even more friends, his love interest, and an enemy who’s identity… well, you probably won’t guess it until the end, but maybe that’s just me.

Through the story, I was constantly trying to guess what was going on, and failing miserably. There was plot twist after plot twist, and they were beautifully executed. I never expected what happened in each chapter. There were also cliffhangers, so I honestly just could not stop reading. It was fantastic.

Even though the plot was amazing, the characters really made the story for me. Irang was a fantastic protagonist- he made a selfish decision in the heat of the moment in the beginning, and spent the rest of the series paying for it. He showed himself to be someone selfless by the end, and more decisive than many other protagonists I’ve seen. His character went from one who didn’t really know what to do and being selfish and focused on only one thing to being willing to sacrifice himself to set everything right by the end, and I loved it.

Harin also had absolutely fantastic character development- I started off completely hating her, and by the end, she was one of my favorites. Like, before her character fully developed, she was one of the worst bullies in the school- she would always look down on those with “lesser” gods and she would make their lives miserable. However, after the events of the story, she changed and became nicer to everyone (even though her core characteristic- coldness- stayed the same). By the end, I loved her character (and I was seriously shipping her with Irang. Just saying.).

The other characters, even those who didn’t show up that much/for a short period of time, were also well developed. Irang’s friends all had their own roles and motivations, and they too crossed the boundaries of society to become friends. Even the villain had character development, in both his own storyline and in his role in Irang’s life. The characters were what made this series really great.

Flow took me on a true emotional rollercoaster- one minute, I could be cracking up, and in the next chapter, I would be just about ready to keel over from shock. By the end, I was actually tearing up, which does not happen often, and that third-to-last chapter has become probably my favorite chapter of anything I’ve ever read (aside from a certain chapter from All Our Wrong Todays).

All in all, this was a truly wonderful work that more people need to read.

(Read it here!)

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