Book Review: The Weight of This World, David Joy

The Weight of This WorldThe Weight of This World by David Joy

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Summary: Critically acclaimed author David Joy, whose debut, Where All Light Tends to Go, was hailed as “a savagely moving novel that will likely become an important addition to the great body of Southern literature” (The Huffington Post), returns to the mountains of North Carolina with a powerful story about the inescapable weight of the past.

A combat veteran returned from war, Thad Broom can t leave the hardened world of Afghanistan behind, nor can he forgive himself for what he saw there. His mother, April, is haunted by her own demons, a secret trauma she has carried for years. Between them is Aiden McCall, loyal to both but unable to hold them together. Connected by bonds of circumstance and duty, friendship and love, these three lives are blown apart when Aiden and Thad witness the accidental death of their drug dealer and a riot of dope and cash drops in their laps. On a meth-fueled journey to nowhere, they will either find the grit to overcome the darkness or be consumed by it.


Things I expected from this book:

-a spiral of bad decisions
-not very likable characters
-country setting
-intense war flashbacks

Things I got from this book:

-that spiral of bad decisions
-drugs, guns, torture, and murder
-country setting
-intense war flashbacks
-main characters who I grew to like over the course of the book
-intense sympathy for the characters, especially April

This book wasn’t exactly what I was expecting- sure, I got what I was promised in the summary, but there was also so much more. The Weight of This World dropped a serious truth bomb about the effects of war on peoples’ minds and poverty in the Appalachians. This was my first book in this genre, and it was honestly really good- this genre in contemporary isn’t really my thing, but this book took me right out of my comfort zone. It’s totally worth a read.

(I received this arc free; that doesn’t impact my review in any way.)

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