Manhwa/Webtoon Review: ShootAround, Suspu

Summary: When a zombie apocalypse hits during the practice of a high school basketball team, it’s a whole new life for the coach, Jeff. The world’s turned upside down and the girls seem to be handling the changes way better than Jeff, who has troubles adjusting. A close-knit group of friends, the girls are eager to tackle this new world with its challenges!

Rating: 4.5/5 stars


ShootAround is just one of those things that I fell in love with the minute I started reading. I was expecting the usual zombie apocalypse angst fest with a side of flat characters and no development, but I got so much more. Not only did this give me an apocalypse story with actually good humor and character development, but it had some awesome representation (which actually didn’t feel forced, which is pretty unusual).

The whole premise is that a zombie apocalypse happens while this basketball team is at practice, and the girls and their coach, Jeff, have to learn to survive together.

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Along the way, they find other human settlements, some long-lost family, and get into dangerous situations, of course. Slowly, they go from this small group of people who don’t know what  they’re doing, to being confident enough to go off on their own in a zombie-infested world and be able to survive. It was honestly wonderful, seeing them grow and change, and having their relationships bloom, and them really living in a world where everything else is probably dying.

Throughout this, they never started acting like battle-hardened warriors or something- they were still the teenage girls they started as, and they never lost that feel. They kept their interests in things like makeup and relationships, and honestly I think that made them all the more relatable to me.

And the relationships! Most of the main characters were some form of LGBT+, and it was great, but I won’t go into any more detail than that because it gets a little spoilery (and it would really suck to ruin all the surprises there, so yeah, no spoilers here). None of it ever felt forced, or like they were just tokens, which made the whole thing even better.

ShootAround is completed (it finished pretty recently, actually), which makes me a little sad because it always made my Saturdays better, but now, it’s even easier to binge read it, so at least there’s that. I had to take off 1/2 a star just because of the time skips at the end, because they were pretty abrupt and a little jarring, but other than that, this was a seriously awesome story- definitely worth a read.

(Read it here!)


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