Manga Review: Shinkuu Yuusetsu, Bikke

真空融接 上 [Shinkuu Yuusetsu 1]真空融接 上 [Shinkuu Yuusetsu 1] by Bikke

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Summary: In this country, every person has to be matched up with a partner. Partnerships are made around when you turn three or four. The doctors decide who gets paired together. One person acts as the ‘supplier.’ The other as the ‘receiver.’ It is impossible for a ‘receiver’ to continue to live without periodically being given power from the ‘supplier.’ And in the same way, it is imperative for a ‘supplier’ that a ‘receiver’ accept some of the power generated within their body. This ‘power’ can’t be made anywhere other than inside a ‘supplier’s own body¦ So for the ‘receivers,’ we ‘suppliers’ are completely indispensable..


This was an insanely quick read with little-to-no worldbuilding, okay characters, and cute-ish romance. There wasn’t much plot, but it was also only 12 chapters, so it’s pretty much excusable.

The main premise is that, in this country, there are suppliers and receivers. Receivers need the energy that suppliers provide, because without it they will die; this energy is transferred through a kiss. Suppliers and receivers are matched up around the age of four by doctors according to energy matching.

As you can imagine, there was a lot of kissing. However, there wasn’t really that much romance- really, the only thing that could be called “romance” in this was between the (I use this term very loosely) protagonist’s father and mother (there’s drama around this but that’s also a spoiler). This can be categorized as romance in the broadest sense, but I felt like many of the relationships were more platonic than anything else.

(Also, most of the characters are pretty young, so thankfully, it doesn’t get too weird.)

The art style was fine, and everything was well organized and edited, but I had to take off points because of how confused I was with the world. The severe lack of worldbuilding made the story a little confusing, but other than that, it was okay.

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