Book Review: The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue, Mackenzie Lee

The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and VirtueThe Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Summary: Henry “Monty” Montague was born and bred to be a gentleman, but he was never one to be tamed. The finest boarding schools in England and the constant disapproval of his father haven’t been able to curb any of his roguish passions—not for gambling halls, late nights spent with a bottle of spirits, or waking up in the arms of women or men.

But as Monty embarks on his Grand Tour of Europe, his quest for a life filled with pleasure and vice is in danger of coming to an end. Not only does his father expect him to take over the family’s estate upon his return, but Monty is also nursing an impossible crush on his best friend and traveling companion, Percy.

Still it isn’t in Monty’s nature to give up. Even with his younger sister, Felicity, in tow, he vows to make this yearlong escapade one last hedonistic hurrah and flirt with Percy from Paris to Rome. But when one of Monty’s reckless decisions turns their trip abroad into a harrowing manhunt that spans across Europe, it calls into question everything he knows, including his relationship with the boy he adores.


Oh my god. This book is on par with Winning in my list of favorites. I’m in love with this book. I’m so in love that I’m just going to make a list of all the things that I loved about it.

-historical fiction that’s also an adventure novel that’s actually exciting
-road trip!!!
-the friends to lovers trope
-the mutual pining trope
-the sharing a bed trope
-all the tropes. They’re overused but you can pry them from my cold dead hands
-the characters omg
-monty is my favorite. He is precious and needs to be protected even though the majority of the time he’s a complete idiot
-he’s so lovable like he gets into trouble and it’s his own fault almost every time but it’s so entertaining
-also great bi rep
-percy is a literal ray of sunshine and he needs happiness in his life
-his epilepsy is also handled fantastically- I don’t know if it’s completely accurate, but I loved how even after it was revealed it didn’t change his personality, like, he was still handled as a human rather than a mouthpiece for a rant about disorders
-I also loved how race was handled- it wasn’t preachy and it fit in with the storyline very well. Like, there was no awkward side plot that was solely about how bad things were for people who weren’t white during this time period in Europe and it was fantastic
-also I ship percy and monty so much it’s ridiculous
-felicity and everything about her
-like come on, what’s not to love? hilarious, badass and stoic in the face of blood and gore, the one to go to if you need a plan, possibly ace, and overall a great sister
“ladies haven’t the luxury of being squeamish about blood” THANK YOU
-monty streaking through versailles with the box is legit my favorite thing and I’m never going to get over this
-THE PIRATES. That’s all I have to say about that.
-the writing was fantastic, it’s so quotable, and all of monty’s feelings about love and percy almost gave me a heart attack

I just love this book so much. It’s so good.
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